The Chicago Chapter of ONS (Chartered in 1980) Important Announcements

CCONS Election: Vote today (10/15/18)

It’s time to elect 2 board members for CCONS. 

Please see attachment for candidate information.  There is one candidate for Treasurer Elect and 3 candidates for Director at Large for Community Outreach.

Please vote for 1 (One) Treasurer Elect and 1(One) Director at Large for Community Outreach.

Click on link below to place your vote by October 31, 2018.

Questions? Contact Carol Knop csknop@comcast.net.



Announcement Posted By Date Posted
CCONS Election: Vote today DeniseFriesema 10/15/18
Rush System Hematology Oncology RN & APP Open House: Thursday, October 11 DeniseFriesema 10/5/18
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Free program for your lung cancer patients October 6, 2018 DeniseFriesema 10/2/18
Share your work at ONS Congress in 2019...abstract submission due Thursday, October 4 DeniseFriesema 10/2/18
CJON Supplement DeniseFriesema 10/2/18
Apply for an award today! Deadline extended until October 15 DeniseFriesema 10/2/18
Join us at a CE-certified live meeting discussing the latest in multiple myeloma treatments! DeniseFriesema 9/29/18
Join us at a CE-certified live meeting discussing the latest in multiple myeloma treatments! DeniseFriesema 9/24/18
Saturday's CCONS Educational Event...last reminder to RSVP DeniseFriesema 9/19/18
Clinical Research Nurse TiffanyStaresinich 9/18/18
RSVP Today for 9/22 CCONS Education Program and Vendor Fair! DeniseFriesema 9/15/18
Cancer Support Helpline Registered Nurse TiffanyStaresinich 9/13/18
CCONS Board Nominations: Still Time to Apply CarolKnop 9/10/18
Outpatient Chemotherapy RN DeniseFriesema 9/6/18
CCONS Awards...don't delay, apply today! DeniseFriesema 9/6/18
A Study on Shared Decision Making DeniseFriesema 9/6/18
Call for Abstracts...deadline Monday, Sept 10 DeniseFriesema 9/6/18
Sarcoma Nurse Educator Needed DeniseFriesema 9/6/18
Urgent Need! Volunteer with CCONS at the Prostate Cancer "Talk to the Experts" Tent DeniseFriesema 9/6/18
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