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ONCC does not provide any type of study material or review courses for any of their certification exams.  They recommend that you read over the test blueprint which can be found on the ONCC website.  There is a new test blueprint for 2013 testing which can be found in the test bulletin at http://www.oncc.org/media/oncc/docs/testbulletin_2013.pdf.  The blueprint will provide you with the categories on the test, sub-categories, and weighting of each category.  This should help you to identify your strong and weak areas.  If you find a subject that requires additional study please go to the reference section for a book which corresponds to that subject. 


 ONCC also offers free sample test items which can be found in the 2013 test bulletin.  They also offer one free practice test and additional practice tests which can be purchased.  Practice tests can be found on the ONCC website at https://practicetests.oncc.org/


 Please visit the ONCC website at http://www.oncc.org/TakeTest/ReviewCourses for a list of current review courses being offered.  ONS Education also offers an online OCN Review Course.  These review courses are not ONCC products and do not contain actual OCN test items.  Use of these materials does not guarantee a passing score on the actual OCN test. 


Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification Review and Resource Manual can be used as both a study guide for advanced oncology nursing certification and a clinical resource. http://esource.ons.org/Publications/