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2017 CCONS Membership Awards

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Charity Run Scholarships Available


Part of the CCONS mission is to serve our members and bring them together. What better way than to sweat it out with fellow CCONS members for a good cause. This year, CCONS has allocated funds to reimburse your entry fee for an Oncology-related charity walk / run that you are passionate about.


To Qualify:


  • Participants must be a group of 2 or more active CCONS members at the event together
  • The event must be Oncology-related
  • The event must take place in 2018
  • Scholarships are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Reimbursement will cap at $50 per person




  • BEFORE THE EVENT: To secure your scholarship, please email Nadia Spawn, Director of Community Outreach, at nyspawn@gmail.com to see if funds are still available. Do this as soon as you plan on applying with all charity run participants who will attend the event with you included on the email.
  • AFTER THE EVENT: You must send in a group photo of all CCONS members who attended the event for reimbursement. Please include the receipt showing proof of registration.




Nadia Spawn

CCONS Director, Community Outreach







Sharon D Manson RN, MS, ACNP has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 Linda Arenth Excellence in Cancer Nursing Management Award by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS).

This award is named in memory of Linda Arenth, an active ONS and ONCC member who served as the Johns Hopkins Cancer Center's first director of nursing. She created what is now a nationally known system to assign nursing services for different categories of patients with cancer. This award recognizes and supports excellence in both cancer nursing management and administration.

Patricia Nedved (Associate Vice President of Professional Nursing Practice & Acting Cancer Center Administrator) and Angelique Richard (Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer and Associate Dean at Rush University College of Nursing) provided strong letters of support for Sharon’s nomination.

Sharon’s own reflection on the changing dynamic of oncology nursing serves as the true insight into her outstanding leadership ability.

"We live today, in a world that is different than when I started in nursing. We are challenged with insurance restrictions, more stringent attention to cost effective care, resource utilization, volume reporting and meeting quality metrics. One of my greatest responsibilities is to serve as a bridge between the clinical staff including nurses and physicians and administration. Helping each to understand the perspective and needs of the others is critical to maintaining a strong program."

Her exceptional leadership is rooted is her support of a collaborative environment focused on people first. "With our last Joint Commission survey, I was asked "What are you most proud of?" My immediate answer was "My staff". The surveyor smiles and said "No, really?" I said "YES, really". My success as a leader is dependent on knowledgeable, committed, and empathetic nurses who care about their patients, each other, and their managers as well as strong physician colleagues and administration."

Sharon’s contributions to the oncology nursing profession and to ONS are commendable. She will be recognized as the recipient of this award during the ONS 43rd Annual Congress, May 17-20, 2018, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC




2017 CCONS Awards and Scholarship Recipients


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ONCC Awards

5 - $300, awarded at each CCONS meeting in 2017


March: Katherine Williams

April: Barb Busby

September: Alissa Ziols and Sharon O'Mara

November: Charlotte Pattten


Professional Education and Development

5 - $500 Scholarships


Kendra Calawerts

Wendy Clayton

Pamela Katz

Jean Toth

Wensheng Tracy Wu



ONS Congress Scholarship

3 - $1500 Scholarships


Jacqueline Lippe Schmidt

Karine Otten

CCONS Board Recipient: Nadia Spawn


The Sandy Purl Spirit of CCONS Award


Katharine Szubski


The CCONS Mentorship Award


Judith Paice



Congratulations to all the recipients!!