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2017 CCONS Membership Awards


2017 CCONS Awards and Scholarship Recipients


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ONCC Awards

5 - $300, awarded at each CCONS meeting in 2017


March: Katherine Williams

April: Barb Busby

September: Alissa Ziols and Sharon O'Mara

November: Charlotte Pattten


Professional Education and Development

5 - $500 Scholarships


Kendra Calawerts

Wendy Clayton

Pamela Katz

Jean Toth

Wensheng Tracy Wu



ONS Congress Scholarship

3 - $1500 Scholarships


Jacqueline Lippe Schmidt

Karine Otten

CCONS Board Recipient: Nadia Spawn


The Sandy Purl Spirit of CCONS Award


Katharine Szubski


The CCONS Mentorship Award


Judith Paice



Congratulations to all the recipients!!